August 3, 2016 – Johnna Klukas

Johnna Klukas presents Off-Center Turning!

Off-center turning, also called eccentric turning, is quite useful for decorating pendants, box lids, bottle stoppers, etc.  There are a number of commercially available jigs that help to make the process easier to set up and repeat.  Many of these jigs do similar things, so what makes one better suited to your project than another?

We’ll look at two of these jigs, the Axminster Eccentric Chuck and the Joyner Off-Center Jig, and compare their features and capabilities by turning a small project on each (and a second project if time permits).

  • The August meeting was opened by Leon Lowell at 6:30pm.
  • A nomination committee was formed for the purpose of electing a Secretary and Treasurer for a two-year term starting in January of 2017.
    • The committee members are Bruce Delugo and Woody Leland. They are to present a slate of nominees at the October meeting in time for voting at the November meeting.
  • Leon brought up the need to make some minor changes to the by-laws; this will be dealt with soon after the elections.
  • Bruce Delugo made a motion to have assistants to Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer to aid in transition. After much discussion, it was tabled for future discussion.
  • Johnna Klukas demonstrated using two different off-center jigs.
  • Following the raffle, the meeting concluded at 8:40pm.

– Roland Martin, Secretary

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