Past: Eric Johnson 2019

Our August business meeting will a little longer that normal. We will look at the changes to the bylaws that the bylaw committee made and will be available to you in the newsletter. The bylaws state that any changes to the bylaws require a majority of the members present. We will look at the bylaws and if anyone has any objections, address those concerns. If no major changes are needed it will be put to a vote.

Feel free to email Eric with any concerns or questions about the bylaw changes.

The demo for this month will be about the question I hear all the time.

I am a new turner. I don’t have a lot of money. What tools should I buy?

Eric Johnson will go through the six tools that every woodturner should have hopefully in sixty minutes. He will look at face grain, side grain, and end turning and how the tools act differently on each. He will talk about safety and speed. This is an intermediate demo that beginner woodturners will appreciate.

We always are looking for volunteers to help with the camera. If you want the best seat in the house try running the camera!!!

If you are willing to help Stan with raffle tickets that would be great. Give Stan your information.

Rockler does ask that we help tear down and sweep at the end of the demo. Take your chairs to the back of the room after the demo. Thank you

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