June 6, 2018 – Johnna Klukas

Johnna Klukas will show an easy-to-make shop-built for turning multi–center projects and will turn an example based on the function the jig provides.

Links to documentation for the June demo on multi-axis woodturning can be found on Johnna Klukas’s website at: http://www.jykboxes.com/bts.html at the very bottom of that page.

We had three new members attending the June meeting.

Dave Ginsberg has Damon’s woodworking library and is looking for a home for all or part of it. If you know of an organization that might be interested in it or are interested yourself, please contact Dave.

Honoring club founder and first president Damon Harmon:

The club voted to make two $500 donations in Damon’s memory to Goshall Hospice and to the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) Charitable Foundation.

The club voted to have Dave Ginsberg and Johnna Klukas compose a letter to Damon’s family informing them of the donations the club is making in his memory and our gratitude for his years of service to the club.

Karl Jacobson addressed the issue of the club’s mentoring program. The program still exists but there are some communication issues between the website and the program that need to be addressed. Several members also mentioned having trouble logging into the club’s website.

Discussion of the mentoring program also led to a discussion of additional insurance plans available to the club from the AAW. Our current plan covers accidents that happen during club-sponsored events such as meetings, demos, etc. These additional plans offer extra coverage that could be of use for the mentor program and other types of club activities.

Karl has offered to look into the specifics of these supplemental insurance plans as well as reviewing what the club’s current insurance plan covers.

The JULY club meeting falls on the 4th this year. Given the option of canceling the meeting or moving it to the following Wednesday evening, the attending members voted to cancel the July meeting. See you in August!

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