March 1, 2017 – Johnna Klukas

Metal inlay powders are an easy way to spice up your turnings, but there are a few tricks to using them successfully. Johnna Klukas will demonstrate some techniques for using these metal powders, and for dealing with problems that can occur.

  • Our president, Leon Lowell, opened the March 1st meeting at 6:37pm.
  • 44 members were in attendance and welcomed two visitors, Marc and George.
  • A discussion concerning replacing our existing PA system with a smaller system was presented and agreed upon. The system that Kim Dailey used at his demonstration on February 25th at Rocker seemed to fit our needs and Roland Martin agreed to look into that purchase.
  • A call out to the membership was made for a real need for demonstrators, as this is what we’re all here for – to learn from one another.
  • IF any members have not paid their dues for the 2017 calendar year, please see David Ginsberg for that.
  • Membership cards for the 2017 calendar year are available. See David Ginsberg or Roland Martin for those.
  • Johnna started her demonstration at 6:50pm. Her demonstration on metal powder inlays, what to use and look for in the powders and very thin CA that is optimal for this purpose was very educational. We are very fortunate to have such talented members such as Johnna to learn from. The demonstration came to a close at 8:15pm.
  • Bill Housley presented member turnings in the Show & Tell portion and as usual, there were some incredibly well done turnings to show!
  • The evening concluded with the club raffle and the meeting ended at 8:35pm.
  • Leon Lowell will be on his annual trip south and to Totally Turning in Sarasota, NY (along with some of our members). Have a safe and enjoyable trip, Leon & Patty!

— Roland Martin, Secretary

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